Our Philosophy

Primary Care for Your Mental Health

The foundation of our philosophy is the ResWell Team Approach — an integrative, whole-person method of mental healthcare that optimizes well-being, builds resilience, and provides lifetime support. This collaborative approach is designed to guide you throughout each cycle of your mental health, helping you prepare for the peaks and valleys of your lifelong journey.

The Cycle of ResWell Health

Support Through Life’s Peaks & Valleys

People often seek mental health treatment during a crisis; many providers simply stabilize patients and send them on their way. It might work for a time — until another crisis occurs. Stabilization is a critical mental health component but does not paint the whole picture.

What comes after stabilization? Maintaining the mental health level achieved during this important first step is a good start, but we can even look beyond the maintenance phase. We can optimize a person’s mental health using our integrative ResWell Team Approach.

We achieve a preventative effect as we optimize mental health to create a state of wellness. While we cannot prevent another crisis, we can adjust how a patient responds to that crisis. The result may be a shorter stabilization process, which means quicker recovery and the ability to live life with less interruption.

The ResWell cycle of health is not a circle; it is an infinity symbol that loops and intersects throughout life. The circle of stabilization moves into the circle of wellness as a fluid cycle, preparing you for the changes and challenges life brings and equipping you to manage them.

The ResWell Team Approach

This collaborative approach encompasses much more than the “stabilize and discharge” method many mental health providers use. We understand that maintaining your mental health is a lifelong process that follows a cycle; crises are bound to happen, and symptoms can reoccur throughout your journey.

Through integrative, personalized treatment plans, the ResWell Team Approach can help guide you through the cycles of your mental health, create a lasting foundation for recovery, and optimize your mental and physical well-being as you continue on your journey.

How the ResWell Team Approach Works

Our providers understand that mental health symptoms are challenging for children and their families to navigate alone. The ResWell Team Approach guides children, teens, and adults throughout the recovery journey and prepares them for the future – no matter what it may hold.

Even when you or your child is feeling better, our team can continue to provide guidance on maintaining recovery progress, preparing for future obstacles, and developing techniques to overcome new challenges.

Our mental health experts will develop an integrative treatment plan to address the root causes of your mental health concerns, support continued progress, and build resiliency against future triggers.

Our team will coordinate with pediatricians, therapists, schools, and childcare providers to ensure children and teens are supported in all aspects of life.

Our clinical dietitian will develop an effective nutritional plan, while our resiliency coaches will provide personalized mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques, and physical activity/yoga routines.

We will guide your child in building Mental Health Equity to bolster well-being and build mental health reserves for challenging situations.

Mental Health Equity

Optimizing Physical & Mental Wellness

Mental Health Equity, a philosophy developed by Dr. Navarro, is a cornerstone of our collaborative, team-based approach. It is the idea that promoting fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and sleep hygiene can help optimize physical and mental well-being, foster resiliency to challenges, and build mental health reserves for future crises. There are 8 core principles that lead us to our goal of Mental Health Equity, helping to increase our mental health reserves to prepare us for whatever turns might lie ahead:

PART 1: The Fundamentals

  1. Health (mental health is part of our overall health)
  2. Nutrition
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Mindfulness/Restoration

PART 2: The Enhancers

  1. Avoiding toxins and traumatic brain injury
  2. Increasing emotional health and intelligence
  3. Understanding the power of epigenetics (“We are what we bathe our genes in”)
  4. Peak performance – can be achieved by fine-tuning and committing to the other 7 strategies

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