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Marriage & Family Therapy in Los Angeles

With a licensed therapist at ResWell, families can find supportive and empathetic treatment designed to nurture and strengthen family bonds. Our comprehensive, evidence-based therapies and whole-person care can help your family address and resolve the unique challenges you face together.

As an integrative, team-based practice, we believe that every therapy session is a step toward the enduring health and harmony of your family unit. Our team offers care that supports the mental health needs and goals of each family member, now and throughout challenges in the future.

What Can Marriage & Family Therapy Help Treat?

Using principles of structural family therapy and family systems theory, we recognize the family as a complex social system. This perspective allows us to address a wide range of issues by understanding and improving the dynamics within the family, including:

  • Communication barriers
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Behavioral issues in children
  • Adjusting to family transitions, such as divorce or relocation
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Navigating cultural, religious, or socioeconomic differences

ResWell’s approach to mental healthcare ensures that your family receives the understanding, tools, and support needed to foster a healthy and cohesive family environment.

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How Our Marriage & Family Therapy Services Improve Mental Health

At ResWell, our approach to family therapy is designed to improve the mental health and well-being of the entire family. We focus on:

Enhancing communication skills to foster open and honest dialogue

Identifying and addressing patterns of behavior that contribute to family conflict

Strengthening emotional bonds among family members

Developing strategies to manage stress and resolve conflicts effectively

Encouraging each family member to express their needs and concerns in a supportive environment

Our goal is to empower your family with the skills and insights needed to navigate life’s challenges together, creating a foundation of mutual respect, understanding, and love.

Why Choose ResWell for Marriage & Family Therapy in Los Angeles?

Choosing ResWell for your family therapy needs means selecting a treatment experience that values the unique composition and needs of your family. Our team of experienced mental health providers offers a variety of therapy options and personalized treatments that consider the mental and physical wellness of your entire family.

Through the ResWell Team Approach, your family can benefit from a wide range of supportive therapies and integrative treatments, including:

  • Medication management, if necessary
  • Fitness training and prescribed movement
  • Nutrition & supplementation
  • Coordinated care
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Yoga


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This unified approach supports your family’s overall well-being by optimizing each aspect of daily functioning, helping you to thrive and gain support for future challenges you may face together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during our first family therapy session?

In your initial family therapy session, your family will meet with a licensed marriage and family therapist or a clinical psychologist in a welcoming and confidential environment to discuss the challenges you’re experiencing. This session is an opportunity for each family member to share their perspective and for the therapist to begin understanding the family dynamics.

The therapist may outline a preliminary approach to treatment. This is also a great time for family members to ask questions, express concerns, and start building a relationship with the therapist.

What is a licensed marriage and family therapist?

A licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) is a mental health professional specially trained to diagnose and provide therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. These therapists focus on the complex relationships and dynamics within marriages and families, addressing a wide range of issues, from communication problems and interpersonal conflicts to significant life transitions and mental health disorders.

LMFTs employ a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches grounded in understanding the patterns, emotional processes, and roles within relationship systems. Their goal is to facilitate healing, promote understanding, and improve the functioning of individuals within their relational contexts. By considering the broader family system and the influence of relationships on your well-being, marriage and family therapists play a crucial role in enhancing the mental health and resilience of families and couples.

How often do we need to attend family and marriage therapy sessions?

The frequency of your family therapy sessions will be personalized to meet the specific needs and goals of your family. While sessions may initially be scheduled weekly to address issues more intensively, this may change as your family progresses.

How do I know if family therapy is right for us?

Family therapy can be beneficial for any family experiencing communication issues, conflicts, or other challenges affecting the family’s overall well-being. If you’re considering whether family therapy is the right step, reach out to us to find clarity and guidance on how therapy might address your family’s unique situation.

How does family therapy differ from other forms of therapy?

Family therapy focuses on the family unit as a whole, rather than on individuals separately. It aims to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance relationships within the family context. Unlike individual therapy, family therapy involves multiple family members working together with the therapist to understand and improve their interactions and relationships.

Do you offer telehealth appointments for family therapy?

The first meeting is usually in person. Although we do offer telehealth appointments, we strongly encourage participation through in-person family therapy sessions for improved efficacy of treatment. Specific scheduling depends on the treatment plan developed with your provider.

Do you accept insurance for family therapy?

While we do not accept insurance, we provide patients with the documentation necessary to file a claim with their insurance carriers.

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