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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Treatment in Los Angeles

Get a personalized approach to OCD treatment from one of Southern California’s only integrative mental health centers.

Are These OCD Symptoms Making Your Life More Difficult?

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Behavioral Concerns

  • Experiencing unwanted thoughts, impulses, worries, or images in the mind
  • Compulsively doing tasks over and over, such as handwashing or checking things
  • Feeling urges to perform certain actions to make oneself feel better
  • Creating rituals or doing actions persistently to help prevent fear, stress, or anxiety


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Emotional Concerns

  • Feelings of anxiety, distress, or fear
  • Difficulty disengaging with obsessive thoughts or compulsions
  • Agitation involving obsessions or compulsions
  • Problems with daily life and relationships


At ResWell, our collaborative team gathers under one roof to create integrative treatment plans that help guide you, address your unique needs, and provide ongoing support.

Find Support to Overcome the Challenges of OCD

With an Experienced Team of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Wellness Experts, and a Clinical Dietitian


Feelings of anxiety, distress, or fear

Increased calm and positive outlook
Difficulty disengaging with obsessive thoughts or compulsions

Increased ability to recognize and cope with these concerns in healthy ways
Persistently performing actions to relieve fear or stress

Reduced need to perform obsessive or compulsive actions
Problems with daily life and relationships

Improved relationships and day-to-day functioning

Get the Facts From OCD Specialists

OCD typically develops between ages 9-13 but can occur at any time.

Around 2-3% of children and adolescents have OCD.

Males are twice as likely as females to have OCD.

20% of children with OCD have a family member who also has the condition.

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OCD Treatment Looks Different at ResWell

Your Family May Benefit From Our Integrative, Evidence-Based Therapies:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that helps identify and address negative thought patterns contributing to OCD.
  • With this treatment, you can learn to understand fears and develop effective coping skills that reduce or resolve symptoms.
  • CBT can work well with other OCD treatments, including medication management and neuromodulation.
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neurofeedback specialist discussing ocd treatment with a patient


  • Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that shows how your brain functions so you learn how your brain reacts to specific triggers.
  • Neurofeedback helps to “train” the brain without altering brain chemistry, offering you positive results without potential side effects.
  • Neurostimulation for OCD can help reduce distressing or obsessive thoughts and manage compulsions.

Personalized Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness Programs

  • Physical well-being supports optimal mental health. You will receive expert guidance on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep as part of an OCD treatment plan.
  • Our clinical dietitian will develop an effective nutritional plan for you.
  • Our resiliency coaches will provide you with personalized physical activity/yoga routines, mindfulness exercises, and meditation techniques.
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Meet Our Team

Restoring Compassion. Building Resilience. Creating Community.

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How Our ResWell Team Approach Supports Your Mental Health Journey

Our providers understand that OCD and its symptoms are challenging for people to navigate alone. It’s why we use our ResWell Team Approach to guide adults, children, and families throughout their recovery journeys and prepare them for the future, no matter what it may hold.

Throughout the journey, our team will continue guiding you or your child on maintaining recovery progress, preparing for future obstacles, and developing techniques to overcome new challenges.

Our mental health experts will develop an integrative treatment plan to address the root causes of OCD, support continued progress, and build resiliency against future OCD symptoms.

We will coordinate with doctors, therapists, schools, childcare providers, and other professionals to ensure you or your child is supported in all aspects of daily life.

Our clinical dietitian will help develop an effective nutritional plan for you. Our resiliency coaches will provide personalized mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques, and physical activity/yoga routines.

Our team will guide your family in building Mental Health Equity. Developed by Dr. Navarro, Mental Health Equity is the philosophy that promoting nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mindfulness can help optimize mental well-being and foster resiliency against difficult situations, symptoms, or future setbacks.

reswell cycle

You can enter into our Cycle of ResWell Health in any of the phases of care. You can also visit to receive guidance on mindfulness, meditation, and movement/fitness, whether you are an active patient or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition characterized by a pattern of unwanted thoughts or fears (obsessions) that can lead to repetitive behaviors (compulsions). These obsessions and compulsions can interfere significantly with daily activities and cause considerable distress.

People with OCD may feel driven to perform certain actions repeatedly in response to their obsessive thoughts, like handwashing, checking things, or cleaning. These actions are often performed with the hope of preventing obsessive thoughts or making them go away. However, engaging in these compulsions brings only temporary relief, and not performing them markedly increases anxiety. Understanding OCD is key to effective treatment, which often involves a combination of therapy, medication, and holistic approaches.

What is the most effective OCD treatment?

Most patients benefit from a combination of OCD treatments personalized to their specific situation and needs, including psychotherapy and medication management. Treatment for OCD may be most effective when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, neuromodulation, and other holistic treatment modalities. We believe integrative treatment that includes nutrition, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, and daily physical activity makes the biggest difference for patients and their families.

How do I know if I have OCD?

If you display some of the symptoms listed above and those symptoms interfere with daily life, OCD could be the cause. However, a comprehensive evaluation by an OCD treatment center like ResWell is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

Do you accept insurance for OCD treatments?

While we do not accept insurance, we provide patients with the documentation necessary to file a claim with their insurance carriers.

Do you offer telehealth appointments for patients with OCD?

The first meeting is usually in person. We provide telehealth follow-up appointments to make treatment as easy and convenient as possible for our patients. Specific scheduling depends on the treatment plan developed with your provider.