ADHD Treatment for Children in Los Angeles

Turn the Challenges of Your Child’s ADHD Into Strengths

Guide your child or teen with integrative ADHD treatment from a collaborative team of mental health experts with 15 years of experience.

Your Child Can Thrive With the ResWell Team Approach

Receive Support From Mental Health Experts For:

Impulsivity Symptoms

  • Frequently interrupts people talking
  • Has difficulty waiting their turn during games
  • Has trouble waiting to be called on
  • Engages in risky, impulsive behaviors
  • Talks excessively and constantly
  • Acts impatiently


Inattention Symptoms

  • Makes careless mistakes
  • Has difficulty paying attention to tasks and activities
  • May not follow through on instructions
  • Frequently fails to finish schoolwork or tasks at home
  • Dislikes tasks that require long periods of attention
  • Is easily distracted or forgetful
  • Loses school supplies or items at home
  • Is unable to participate in quiet activities easily


Hyperactivity Symptoms

  • Has difficulty sitting still
  • May leave seat instead of remaining seated
  • Runs or climbs about in inappropriate situations
  • Is constantly on the go
  • Fidgets excessively


*Symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity must occur in multiple settings.

Too many mental healthcare providers choose to medicate children with ADHD without addressing underlying concerns that may be worsening the symptoms.

With The ResWell Team Approach, your child receives personalized care that helps uncover and treat the root causes of their symptoms. In some cases, what appears to be ADHD is actually a different diagnosis like anxiety, depression, or grief. Through comprehensive ADHD assessment & diagnosis, integrative treatment, and coordinated care, we address every possibility to ensure your child is supported in all aspects of their life.

Help Your Child Manage ADHD

With Support From One of the Only Pediatric Integrative Mental Health Practices in Southern California


Difficulty focusing

Longer concentration
Inability to keep track of tasks

Managing time and finishing tasks
Interrupting and blurting out answers

Waiting for their turn to speak
Feeling anxious and overwhelmed

Feeling in control of their to-do list
Self-conscious about their behavior

More confidence at home and in school

Get the Facts from Childhood Depression Specialists

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by disrupted biological systems and treated by a pediatric ADHD specialist. It is not “all in your child’s head,” and it is not due to poor parenting, too much sugar, or other factors you might have seen on social media.

Daily physical activity has a profoundly positive impact on ADHD symptoms. You do not have to rely on medication alone to manage your child’s condition — your ResWell provider has other treatment and lifestyle options available.

Your child can thrive with ADHD. Many of our patients are doing just that with the help of our ResWell Team Approach. Check out our patient testimonials to hear some of their success stories.

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We Offer Multiple Treatment Options for ADHD

In Addition to Standard of Care Options, Your Child May Benefit From Our Integrative Therapies:


  • Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that shows exactly how your child’s brain is functioning so they learn how their brain reacts to specific triggers.
  • Neurofeedback helps your child build focusing skills and extend attention span, and it enables many children to continue improving these skills even after treatment has ended.
  • The treatment “trains” the brain without altering your child’s brain chemistry, offering positive results without potential side effects.

EquusLed Program

  • EquusLed involves interactive horse activities and experiences and can be an effective treatment for kids with ADHD.
  • Your teen can expect to engage in activities and unstructured interactions with the horses — no riding is involved.
  • This equine assisted therapy program allows children to learn about themselves and others and then discuss their associated feelings, behaviors, and patterns with our ADHD treatment specialist.

Personalized Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness Program

  • Physical well-being supports optimal mental health, so your child will receive expert guidance on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep as part of their ADHD treatment plan.
  • Our clinical dietitian will develop an effective nutritional plan for your child.
  • Our resiliency coaches will provide your child with personalized physical activity/yoga routines, mindfulness exercises, and meditation techniques.

Meet Our Team

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Our ResWell Team Approach Can Make a Real Difference

At ResWell, we understand the impact that ADHD can have on your child’s life — and we also understand how to guide them in using it to their advantage. The ResWell Team Approach involves providing comprehensive assessment, treatment, and management of ADHD, including guidance and support throughout your child’s life.

With the ResWell Team Approach, your child can thrive at home and in school, manage learning differences effectively, and develop techniques that will help them maintain lifelong improvement, even when things get tough.


Your child’s initial in-person evaluation helps our team develop an integrative, evidence-based treatment plan to guide your child in managing ADHD, maintaining progress, and optimizing day-to-day well-being.

To ensure your child is supported in all aspects of their life, our team will coordinate with pediatricians, therapists, schools, and childcare providers.

If previous ADHD treatments have not worked, we will assess how your child metabolizes different medications through pharmacogenetic testing collected from Genomind. Our neurofeedback expert can also develop a nonpharmacologic treatment protocol.

Your child will learn how to build Mental Health Equity. Developed by Dr. Navarro, Mental Health Equity is the philosophy that promoting nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mindfulness can help optimize mental wellness and foster resiliency against difficult situations, symptoms, or setbacks in the future.

You and your child can enter into our Cycle of ResWell Health in any of the phases of care. You can also visit to receive guidance on mindfulness, meditation, and movement/fitness without being seen as a regular patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see adult patients with ADHD also?

Yes. While we specialize in pediatric mental health, we are also board-certified with nearly 20 years of experience treating adults. Our ResWell team has expertise in ADHD so they can provide comprehensive treatment plans for ADHD patients of all ages.

How common is ADHD?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 3-5% of preschool and school-age children have ADHD. That means that in a class of 25-30 students, at least one is likely to have the condition. ADHD is more prevalent in boys than girls.

Does my child have ADHD?

If your child has six or more of the symptoms listed above, ADHD may be the root cause. A comprehensive assessment by an ADHD treatment specialist can assist in making a definitive diagnosis and determining the severity of the condition.

How do you diagnose ADHD?

ADHD is a clinical diagnosis that can be made during the initial 90-minute evaluation at ResWell. A neuropsychologist can perform assessments to assist in making a definitive diagnosis, determining its severity, and uncovering concerns contributing to your child’s ADHD symptoms. Once we diagnose the condition, we provide integrative pediatric ADHD treatment options to help your child effectively manage their symptoms.

Do you offer telehealth appointments for ADHD patients?

Yes, depending on the personalized, comprehensive plan developed with your provider. The first meeting is always in person. We do provide telehealth follow-up appointments to make treatment as easy and convenient as possible for our patients and their parents.

Do you accept insurance for ADHD assessment and treatment?

While we do not accept insurance, we do provide our patients with the documentation necessary to file with their own insurance carriers.