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Genetic Testing for ADHD and Other Mental Health Conditions

Different people can react in different ways to medication treatment, but pharmacogenetic testing can help limit the uncertainty. Also known as genetic testing for medication, pharmacogenetic testing looks at each person’s unique genetic makeup to help:

  • Determine an appropriate medication and dosage
  • Reduce the risk of adverse effects
  • Improve mental health outcomes for children and adults.


What Mental Health Conditions Can Pharmacogenetic Testing Help With?


At ResWell, we may use pharmacogenetic testing to provide appropriate medications for children and adults with:


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How Genetic Testing for Medication Helps With ADHD & Other Conditions

By analyzing how your genes affect your response to certain medications, pharmacogenetic testing can help:

Personalize Medication Choices

Pharmacogenetic testing can identify which mental health medications are likely to be most effective based on your genetic makeup, reducing the trial-and-error process in finding an optimal medication.


Minimize Side Effects

By identifying how your body metabolizes certain medications, pharmacogenetic testing can help you reduce the risk of adverse effects, leading to a smoother treatment experience.


Enhance Treatment Efficacy

Tailoring medication based on genetic information helps ensure your treatment is as effective as possible, maximizing the potential for symptom improvement and overall mental health management.



Optimize Dosage

Pharmacogenetic testing provides insights that can help determine the appropriate dosage of medication right from the start, preventing under- or over-dosing and facilitating a more efficient path to wellness.

How Pharmacogenetic Testing Works at ResWell

The 4 steps of getting genetic testing for medication from ResWell are as follows:

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1. Schedule an appointment

Call or send us a message to describe what mental health concerns you may be struggling with. We will work to help you schedule a consultation for pharmacogenetic testing at the soonest available time. Fill out our new patient inquiry form here.

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2. Attend your consultation

During your initial consultation, your ResWell provider will conduct an evaluation and gather clinical data to create a personalized treatment plan. We will identify whether medication and pharmacogenetic testing may be an effective component of your treatment journey.

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3. Take the test

Pharmacogenetic testing is a simple process that can be completed either in our office or at home. It is a quick, painless cheek swab used to collect a genetic sample, which is then sent to the lab to be analyzed. You and your provider will receive the results within a few weeks; these results will help inform your medication treatment plan.

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4. Receive effective medication

Your provider will determine an appropriate medication and dosage for you to take based on your results. You will receive ongoing medication management to help address any side effects that occur, monitor changes, and make dosage adjustments as necessary to maximize your benefits.

Why Choose Reswell for Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Choosing ResWell for genetic testing for medication for ADHD or other conditions provides you access to:

  • Integrative treatments that can reduce your need for medication
    ResWell uses evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and prescribed movement to naturally improve your mental well-being and potentially reduce your use of medication. By focusing on the mind-body connection, we aim to relieve mental health symptoms through a whole-person approach to balance, wellness, and healing.

  • Medication management from specialized mental health experts
    Our team of mental health professionals excels in medication management, ensuring that any medications prescribed are closely monitored and adjusted according to your unique response. This personalized approach maximizes the effectiveness of treatment while minimizing potential side effects, providing a more comfortable experience as you progress on your mental health journey.


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  • Collaborative providers who can treat a wide range of mental health conditions
    Our collaborative team is equipped to address a broad spectrum of mental health conditions, from depression and anxiety to ADHD and beyond. By bringing together a team of experts from various fields and backgrounds, we can offer comprehensive care tailored to meet your specific needs and provide personalized treatment plans that address all aspects of your health.

  • Treatments and services that are all provided under one roof
    As an integrative mental health center, ResWell makes it easier and more convenient to access the care you need. From initial assessments and therapy sessions to advanced neuromodulation techniques and wellness programs, having all services under one roof allows us to collaborate as a team and work together to provide you with a full range of care for your mental health needs.


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Schedule Pharmacogenetic Testing for ADHD or Other Mental Health Conditions in Los Angeles

Finding the optimal medication or treatment for your mental health can be challenging, but our providers can help with pharmacogenetic testing and whole-person care. As one of Pasadena’s only integrative mental health practices, ResWell offers the expertise and highly collaborative approach necessary to determine an effective medication and create a personalized treatment plan that works for your situation and needs. Contact us today to learn if pharmacogenetic testing or our other integrative services can help guide you on your mental health journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Pharmacogenetic testing is a diagnostic tool that analyzes a patient’s DNA to predict how they will respond to certain medications. This type of testing aims to optimize medication treatment by considering genetic factors that affect drug metabolism, efficacy, and the risk of side effects. It’s used to guide medication selection and dosing for a variety of conditions, ensuring treatments are as personalized and effective as possible.

How does pharmacogenetic testing benefit mental health treatment?

Pharmacogenetic testing can significantly improve the outcomes of mental health treatments by identifying the most suitable medications for an individual based on their genetic makeup. This can be particularly beneficial in treating conditions like ADHD, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, where finding the optimal medication is often a process of trial and error. By tailoring medication choices to your unique genetic profile, our providers can reduce the time it takes to find an effective treatment and minimize the risk of adverse reactions.

Can pharmacogenetic testing for ADHD determine the best treatment?

Yes, pharmacogenetic testing can be instrumental in identifying which ADHD medications are likely to be most effective, as well as which might cause side effects based on a person’s genes. This personalized approach can lead to quicker, more effective management of ADHD symptoms by optimizing medication type and dosing from the start.

Is pharmacogenetic testing available for at-home use?

Pharmacogenetic testing can be done at home or in our office. The cheek swab sample is sent to a lab for analysis, and the results are used by your ResWell provider to guide your treatment plan.

Is pharmacogenetic testing safe?

Pharmacogenetic testing is a safe, non-invasive procedure often performed with a simple cheek swab. There are no direct risks associated with the test itself, as it merely analyzes DNA to predict medication responses.

What does research say about pharmacogenetic testing?

Research supports the use of pharmacogenetic testing as a way to personalize medication therapy across a range of conditions, including mental health disorders. Studies have demonstrated that pharmacogenetic testing can improve treatment efficacy and patient safety by reducing adverse drug reactions and increasing the likelihood of choosing an effective medication from the start.

How much does pharmacogenetic testing cost in Los Angeles?

Please call or text us to inquire about the cost of pharmacogenetic testing at ResWell.

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