Highland Park

Highland Park, one of Los Angeles’ oldest and most dynamic neighborhoods, is a melting pot of historical significance and contemporary flair. Nestled in the northeastern part of the city, this community is celebrated for its eclectic cultural scene, artistic spirit, and rich architectural heritage.

The Highland Park Neighborhood

In Highland Park, the streets are lined with a mix of Victorian homes, Craftsman bungalows, and modern developments, reflecting the neighborhood’s evolution over the years. The real estate market here is diverse, attracting a wide range of residents from artists and musicians to young professionals and families.

The cost of living in Highland Park is somewhat more accessible compared to other Los Angeles neighborhoods, offering a relatively affordable entry into the bustling LA lifestyle. The community is known for its grassroots activism and strong neighborhood associations, contributing to its safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Public transportation options, including the Metro Gold Line, make commuting to Downtown LA and other areas convenient. The neighborhood falls under the Los Angeles Unified School District, and there are several local schools and educational programs available. Highland Park, with its unique blend of urban energy and community-centric living, is an ideal location for those who cherish diversity and creativity.

Mental Health Services in Highland Park, CA

While Highland Park is rich in cultural resources, the need for specialized child psychology services is ever-present. ResWell fills this crucial need by offering comprehensive mental health care for children and adolescents in the neighborhood, ensuring families have access to essential support and expertise.

Treatments offered

At ResWell, we help our patients and their parents overcome the following conditions:

Things To Do in Highland Park

Highland Park boasts a plethora of activities and sites:

  • York Boulevard and Figueroa Street: Explore these main thoroughfares, known for their vintage shops, trendy cafes, and vibrant nightlife.
  • Highland Park Farmers Market: Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced produce and artisan goods.
  • The Highland Park Bowl: Experience the restored 1920s bowling alley turned eclectic social space.
  • Local Art Galleries: Discover the works of local artists in the neighborhood’s many galleries and studios.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Enjoy the natural beauty of nearby parks and hiking trails, including the scenic Arroyo Seco.

This neighborhood thrives with a spirit of exploration and artistic expression, making it a haven for those who seek a lively and engaging community.

Schedule a Consultation with a Child Psychiatrist in Highland Park, CA

ResWell in Highland Park is dedicated to the mental and emotional well-being of your children. Our experienced child psychiatrists offer a compassionate and holistic approach to mental health care. We encourage families in Highland Park to schedule a consultation, taking an important step towards nurturing their child’s mental health in a supportive and caring environment.

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