Treatment for Autism in Los Angeles

Manage the challenges of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with integrative treatment from a collaborative team with over two decades of experience.

Do These Symptoms Interfere with Your Child’s Daily Functioning?

Receive Support From Mental Health Experts For:

autistic kids at play

Communication and Interaction:

  • Poor eye contact or limited facial expression
  • Not participating in interactive games
  • Not sharing interests with others 
  • Not responding to their own name 
  • Not noticing when others are hurt or upset
  • Taking abstract concepts literally 
  • Difficulty interpreting nonverbal cues of others
autistic child struggling

Behavior and Activities:

  • Precise routines, getting upset over any change
  • Repeating the same words or phrases over and over
  • Lining up objects and not wanting them moved 
  • Fascination by small details of objects
  • Being unusually sensitive to touch, light, etc.
  • Performing repetitive motions like flapping arms
  • Becoming obsessive about one or two subjects
child with autism at school

Other Symptoms:

  • Cognitive and learning delays
  • Gross motor and language delays
  • Unusual eating or sleeping habits
  • Planning things carefully before doing them
  • Inability to cope with changes to routine
  • Unusual reactions to events or situations 
  • Being more or less fearful than their peers

Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means the specific symptoms and their severity can vary substantially.

At ResWell, our collaborative team of mental health specialists offers comprehensive autism spectrum disorder treatments. We create personalized treatment plans to address your unique situation, helping you to manage symptoms and receive ongoing support. We can perform a comprehensive evaluation to provide an accurate diagnosis.

Get the Facts from Autism Treatment Specialists

Autism is believed to affect around 1 in 36 children. Boys are 4 times more likely to have autism compared to girls.

Autism typically appears before the age of 3 and can impact social interaction, communication, and cognitive function.

There is no “cure” for autism, but early intervention coupled with education and vocational training are highly effective for treatment.

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Autism Spectrum Treatment Looks Different at ResWell

You or Your Child May Benefit From Our Integrative, Evidence-Based Treatments:

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Medication Management

  • Medication management for autism helps ensure medications are used appropriately and effectively, minimizing potential risks and side effects.
  • If medication could be beneficial, you or your child will receive a personalized plan using medications and dosages tailored to their unique needs and how they respond to treatment.
  • Our goal is to use the necessary amount of medication to effectively manage symptoms, as well as re-evaluate the need for medication regularly.


  • Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that shows exactly how your brain is functioning so you can learn how your brain reacts to specific triggers.
  • Neurofeedback helps build focusing skills and extend attention span, and it enables many to continue improving these skills even after treatment has ended.
  • The treatment “trains” the brain without altering your brain chemistry, offering positive results without potential side effects.
neurofeedback process
meditation for a child with autism

Personalized Fitness, Nutrition, & Mindfulness Program

  • Physical wellness helps support optimal mental health, so you will receive expert guidance on physical activity, nutrition, and sleep as part of an autism treatment plan.
  • Our clinical dietitian will develop an effective nutritional plan for you or your child. 
  • Our resiliency coaches will provide you or your child with personalized physical activity/yoga routines, mindfulness exercises, and meditation techniques.

Meet Our Team

Restoring Compassion. Building Resilience. Creating Community.

Our ResWell Team Approach Can Make a Real Difference

Autism is a treatable condition, but managing it requires ongoing support and expert guidance. This is why we use our ResWell Team Approach to help you throughout your treatment journey and prepare you for future challenges you may face.

Even when your condition has improved, we continue providing guidance on maintaining progress, preparing for potential obstacles, and developing techniques for overcoming new challenges.

Our mental health experts will develop an integrative treatment plan to guide you through your journey, support continued progress, and build resiliency against symptoms. This includes assistance in the event of a clinical crisis.

Our team will coordinate with doctors, therapists, schools, and childcare providers to ensure you or your child is supported in all aspects of life.

Our clinical dietitian will help develop an effective nutritional plan for your unique needs. Our resiliency coaches will provide personalized mindfulness exercises, meditation techniques, and physical activity/yoga routines.

We will guide you in building Mental Health Equity. Developed by Dr. Navarro, Mental Health Equity is the philosophy that promoting nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mindfulness can help optimize mental wellness and foster resiliency against difficult situations, symptoms, or future setbacks.

You and your child can enter into our Cycle of ResWell Health in any of the phases of care. You can also visit to receive guidance on mindfulness, meditation, and movement/fitness without being seen as a regular patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is autism?

Autism, formally known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that affects a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and behavior. The term “spectrum” reflects the wide range of symptoms and abilities individuals with autism may have. Symptoms of autism can vary widely from mild to severe, including difficulties with social interaction, repetitive behaviors, and challenges in verbal and nonverbal communication. Some individuals may have significant cognitive delays, while others may have high intelligence and learn quickly but struggle with applying their knowledge in everyday situations.

Is there treatment for autism?

Most patients benefit from a combination of treatments that are personalized to their specific situation and needs. We often combine traditional treatments with integrative approaches like our personalized fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness program. We believe integrative treatment that includes nutrition, sleep hygiene, and daily physical activity makes the biggest difference for our patients. 

When is autism usually diagnosed?

Autism is typically diagnosed in early childhood, with most diagnoses made between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. Early signs can sometimes be observed before the age of 1, and in some cases, autism can be reliably diagnosed as early as 18 months. 

Early diagnosis and intervention can greatly improve a child’s development and long-term prognosis. Parents and caregivers are often the first to notice developmental delays or the early signs of autism. Pediatricians can screen for autism during regular check-ups, and if there are concerns about a child’s development, they may refer the child to a specialist or integrative mental health center like ResWell for a comprehensive evaluation.

Do you do telehealth appointments for autism treatment at home?

The first meeting is usually in person. We provide telehealth follow-up appointments to make treatment as easy and convenient as possible for you or your child. Specific scheduling depends on the treatment plan developed with your provider.

Do you accept insurance for your assessments and autism spectrum treatments?

While we do not accept insurance, we provide patients with the documentation necessary to file a claim with their insurance carriers.

How do the services ResWell offers compare to other autism treatment centers?

ResWell focuses on medication management, neurofeedback, and complementary integrative services such as fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. For autism therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other areas of specialized support, ResWell will refer out to our trusted network.

Do your experts collaborate on care with other experts in the community?

Yes! Many patients who come to us for integrative treatment already have a specialized team of care providers, who offer services such as autism therapy. ASD requires a larger team with a variety of different specialties for comprehensive care, which is why many visit us for treatment options such as medication management, neurofeedback, and other integrative services.